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As a reward from a jilted millionairess, Davis is given the $100,000 Porsche of the unfaithful husband. Unknown to Davis and the wife, the body of the husband is in the Porsche. The killer tries in vein to recover the body before it is discovered.
I hope the viewer who regards &#39;Dream Machine&#39; as one of Corey Haim&#39;s finest and the &quot;best movies of the century&quot; was kidding. Undetected sarcasm on my part? I sincerely hope so.<br/><br/>&#39;The Dream Machine&#39; marks the first of a long line of mediocre capers that would plague the rest of Corey Haim&#39;s career (except &#39;Prayer of the Rollerboys&#39; which was surprisingly decent). Here, Haim plays nonchalant college boy, Bernie, who supposes that a cool car will attract his dream girl&#39;s attention. Lucky for Bernie, a rich woman aiming to get back at her cheating husband, hastily decides to reward her faithful piano tuner–Bernie–with a gift: a slick Porsche Turbo. However, unbeknownst to the woman, and unfortunate for Bernie, is that her dead husband was murdered and his body was hidden in the trunk. Now, being that in this movie, bodies don&#39;t seem to decay or possess a rather foul funk, Bernie is unaware of this. In fact, the oblivious boy has no idea that something suspicious is afoot despite several odd circumstances that arise. In particular, a grizzly man follows him around, desperate to get hold of that body relatively undetected.<br/><br/>This is a low-grade action fizzle as many of Haim&#39;s films like this are (see The Double O Kid). Despite being part action, part romantic comedy, this movie fails to offer the viewer much of anything of interest for at least the first forty-five minutes in which the filmmakers take more than enough time to show the immediate problem (i.e. Bernie being in possession of a car and a dead body, and a hit-man finding out that the Porsche is going to be hard to find). After which, and thanks to poor acting by Haim (I loved this kid, too, but it&#39;s not exactly sacrilegious to admit the times when he obviously couldn&#39;t act well) and the lack of real immediacy and emergency between Bernie and the villain that makes much of the events unconvincing and as a result, inappreciable. To add injury to insult, the soundtrack was unbelievably laughable and sounded more like self-evident songs you would hear in Team America (see the &#39;date&#39; montage).<br/><br/>Loyal Corey Haim fans, however, should not be disappointed to see their boy in abundance. However, others understanding that Haim&#39;s career probably peaked when he was 14 or 15 and never recovered, might expect mediocrity, as will viewers just looking for early 90s b-comedy fluff to pass the time.
Just to start, previous people who write critical reviews should at least have the decency of getting the character names correct (Its Barry, not Bernie)<br/><br/>I have only ever liked Corey Haim in films such as A Time to Live, Lucas and Silver Bullet, however this film is simply made to be entertaining and to appeal to a target audience of teenage girls!! I have watched this film and the most entertaining character was Lance (the embezzler) his frantic attempts to recover the car and the body in the trunk really are very entertaining. So even if your not a fan of Corey Haim, watch it just for the character Lance!!

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